Monday, May 2, 2016

Falling Water State Park - Hmmmmm - Maybe Nature is not my Thing

I have passed Falling Waters State Park so many times in the last six years I can't count. It was on the way to where my daughter went to college and then continued to live. Since the trip to see her is 14 hours from my home, there never seemed to be time to stop in.


Since I am now retired and have had a long time dream of becoming a nature photographer, I decided this was the time to stop and see the nature. What I saw was beautiful but what I managed to capture was a profound disappointment.


Thousands of dollars of photographic equipment does not make up for a cloudy day, bad settings, lack of patience, a poor eye, on and on. I took a few hundred photos but the sun only popped near the end of my visit. I did wait for about an hour while I shot this lake over and over. The ever changing cloud cover made dramatic changes in the scene but I only managed to capture a few images worth saving.


These blossoms were practically an after thought. I spotted them after exiting the restroom right before I jumped in the car. I guess it does say something that I kept shooting till the last second, literally. Mostly I like this shot because its one of the few that is not totally green and brown.


The most interesting part of Falling Waters is a 100 foot waterfall in a state that is barely above sea level.  How? Well it's drilled itself into a sinkhole ninety feet into the ground.  Something I could not see as they were working on the overlook on the day I chose to visit out of the six years passing it by. Timing is everything my friends. I knew the walkways were being worked on. It says clearly on the website. I did not know the falls was going to be the very walkway under construction.

Maybe I'm just too critical. I tossed out the bulk of  what I shot but I managed to save a few just to prove I was actually there. To see the rest [click here].

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