Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Southwest Dairy Museum - Sulphur Springs, TX

If you think you know a lot about dairy products I can tell you that you pretty much don't. That's how I felt at the Southwest Dairy Museum. To say I went a little out of the way to visit this place is an understatement.


If there is one thing I learned about Texas - It's really big. That's nothing compared to all I learned about milk in just a few hours. There are so many displays so well constructed with so much information. It took me a while to drink it all in.


I have not really looked at milk, butter, cheese, sour cream, yogurt the same since I've gotten home. Nor did I realize I used so many dairy products each week.


The museum was free which was great but since I was there I thought I would would at least eat at the vintage cafe. Of course I had to try a chocolate malted. I'm not sure I have had a better one. Maybe way back at the Woolworth lunch counter in Philly. But I was a kid then and everything was delicious.


I could not go without watching the skeleton ride a bike. After you are done watching [click here] for the rest of my photos.

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