Saturday, May 14, 2016

Visiting with Friends at Scarborough Faire - TX

Not every faire day is perfect for photos. Sometimes it's rainy and cold. Such was my experience at the opening of Scarborough Faire. I only had one day to visit and the luck of the sky was not with me.


That is not to say I did not get a warm welcome. Over the years I have gotten to know many of the performers. It would appear they have gotten to know me as well. Show after show I was met with a hug or handshake. The size of this faire is mind boggling and yet for my first visit I felt very much at home.


Even though I mentioned I would make it out this way, it was still nice to be treated like a long lost relative. I wish I had more time but with so many other fans I was so happy to be noticed at all. There were a few people I knew at the vendor booths or on the street that recognized me as well. I did not manage to get photos or at least usable photos.


Even though this is the home show of Iris and Rose and they were surrounded by throngs of local fans, they still took the time to talk to me. Sure I just saw them a few weeks ago in Florida but the vibe here is completely different.


I've seen all of these performers dozens of times. There is something about this place that fully energized each and every one. Seeing them performing at their best while sitting in a cold rain made it even more memorable. The fact that my cameras survived was just another miracle of the day.


I finished my day with a knockout show by Arthur Greenleaf Holmes, dripping wet, and teeth chattering, laughing till I hurt. Then dashed to the car hoping I had any photos worth posting. [click here] to see them all and the new friends I have yet to make. We shall have to try again next year.

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