Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Alamo - Small Space with a Huge History

One of the first things on my to do list in San Antonio was to visit The Alamo. More of a heard about it a lot and what the heck kind of thing rather than a must do. Most of us know a little about the Alamo. The name Davy Crockett comes to mind. I think I saw a John Wayne movie. Yeah - That's all I knew.


For some reason I pictured the Alamo way out in a desolate field somewhere. When I went to book a bus tour, they just pointed out the door and there it was- right across the street, right in the middle of town. Except for a vintage hotel, it's surrounded by a modern and bustling city.


The Alamo is a 300 year old Spanish mission that has been witness to some of the most important battles and epic historical events of this county. It is like no other historical monument I have been to except possibly a cathedral or historic cemetery. No cameras, hat's off, hush tones, then the exhibits.


Within moments you get the feeling you are walking on hallowed ground. The sacrifice of the men who would not give up and perished to the last man. The battle cry "Remember The Alamo" which woke up a sleeping country and brought the full force of the people of a new and growing nation to push back forever an invading force. The birth of Texas. All happened at this one point.


There are documents, weapons, models of the battle. Everything you need to make a milestone moment in American history come alive in your mind. I was even fortunate enough to sit in on a tour as the guide filled in the remaining blanks. I will certainly remember the Alamo. It pays to visit places such as this in person to really understand them.

For a few more photos [click here]

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