Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Plano TX - Worth the Visit

Plano TX is just a short drive from my sister's house so we decided to have lunch and check it out. Relying on the GPS was a mistake as we wanted the very historic and quaint downtown and wound up in the very large and modern new downtown. A quick web search and we found the Interurban Railway Museum which was right where we wanted to be.


Plano like every city I visited in Texas is going through a major expansion. Quite the contrast to the era this train came from. Although the museum is small the staff very enthusiastically gave us a tour. This 100 year old electric trolley has seen some big changes in it's lifetime


There are some interactive exhibits in the museum as well. After we got done playing with them, we decided to see if we could find a lunch spot.


Downtown is only a few blocks - but that's for now. There is construction in every direction. Housing, shopping, and restaurants are all in the works.


We managed to get a nice meal at a pub then after found more choices in a different direction. We went the first days of my visit and decided to go back before I left. Well - we forgot. Next year for sure.


[click here] for more photos.

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