Monday, May 16, 2016

Tyler Rose Museum - Tyler TX

One of those little things I forget living in South Florida for 35 years is cold and spring time. Ok - that's two things but they went hand in hand. When going the Tyler Rose Museum it's best to go when there are roses in bloom


When I first stepped out into the garden I realized I was just a bit early. I was very thankful that several of the well trimmed and manicured rose bushes had anticipated my early arrival in the season and popped out a few flowers for me to enjoy.


It certainly was peaceful being the only visitor most of the day. There were only a few grounds keepers around. Even the grass was not quite ready to grow. I think I shot every single rose in bloom and a few other spring blossoms as well. In my effort to do everything in this area of Texas I drove ninety miles. It seemed like that may have been a mistake.

On the way out the door I just happened to notice there was a tiny museum with what looked like Las Vegas show girls. The roses were free but the museum cost $5.00. Since I was there I sprung for it.


After watching a 45 minute movie on the history of the rose industry in Tyler I was ready to take a look around. I'm not one for fancy outfits but a lot of my friends are so I took plenty of photos.


They take their roses pretty serious around these parts. The Tyler Rose Festival has been a tradition since 1933 and one I never heard of before. It probably should get a little more attention. It is hard to find anything more American than an old fashioned beauty pageant and this one is top notch.


The one thing that got my attention amongst all the crowns and pageantry was a McCormick Farmall tractor in mint condition. I drove a 1960's cousin of one of these for several years and those years showed. To see a much older version, showroom new was quite a treat.


[click here] for more photos of flowers and dresses or just stay right here and admire this beautiful tractor.


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  2. Great pictures! I am looking forward to returning to Tyler to see the gardens again as soon as possible, both the roses and the camelias. Thanks for sharing.