Saturday, April 30, 2016

Disney Season Pass - Highly Addictive

Seven weeks ago I started a fantastic adventure across the country. Of course I was passing by Disney so why not stop in right. I have a season Park Hopper pass. It does not cover hotels so they do make a few bucks on me.


Since September I've been eight times and six of those were by myself. I don't mind. I enjoy the freedom to move fast and see exactly what I want. I usually go week days to avoid crowds so that really limits who can go with me.


I can get a pretty good Florida Resident deal at the at the "All" resorts. All Sports, All Music, All Movies. But for about $15.00 more I decided to upgrade to Pop Century. Great choice as it is closer to all the parks I was visiting to lesson the time on the Disney Transportation. Not that it's a really long trip from any of the resorts but closer is always better.


This past year I've done two events I've never done before. Food and Wine and as you can see, International Flower and Garden Festival. Since I've seen everything many times I love enhancing my visits with new experiences.


On this particular day I met up with a friend. Just have to post on Facebook and usually someone I know is around. I'm going to hold off for a short while as the summer crowds pass by but I plan on a few more visits before the pass runs out.


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