Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Pirates House - Savannah GA

I have only a few outstanding memories of my childhood. As I have gotten older,,, much older,, I have made it a point to visit those moments and places with new eyes. 

When I was 16 or so, Dad took my three younger sisters and I on a trip from Philadelphia to Disney. In the summer, packed into a car with no AC, to Florida. There is a lot I've tried to forget about that trip including my first, third degree sun burn. There was one memorable moment I've wanted to relive a long time. A stop over in Savannah and dinner at The Pirates House


I can't really explain why this place is so vivid to me. Maybe it was the first time I was on a real road trip. The first and best seafood platter I ever ate in my life. The town of Savannah. The riverfront. I don't know. I've had that same feeling about several places from my youth. This was the most vivid and the last one on the list I wanted to revisit. 

I tried to stop by two times in the past but could not quite make the time. I was determined. In fact I picked a hotel within walking distance to ensure success. Imagine my horror to find the place under major renovation......

Luckily upon further inspection of the sign, I discovered they were to re-open on the last day of our visit. 

No lines, no wait, incredible food and service. The entire place to myself. A flood of memories from a much simpler time in my life and a new memory to carry long into the future. I'm sure I can't be the only one who does this. What memories from your childhood have you returned to and what was your experience? 

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  1. My family and I have passed The Pirate House by several times during our visits to Savannah but never stopped there. It's mainly my wife, there are other places she likes and by the time we're all ready to eat I'm to tired to fight from the heat and humidity. Great post, I'll have to put up a better effort to stop there next time.