Thursday, February 5, 2015

Magic City Comic Con - 2015

Never say Never. I had already been to 4 Comic Cons. I had no intention of visiting this show but right before it opened I saw how many of my friends where going. Some were participating, some where doing photography, and some were working the event. It astounds me at times the number of people I have met in the past year. Also how many of them cross over from the various events I attend.


My goal was to find and shoot a photo of everyone I knew. [click here] to see how I did. Half my photos are people I know either very well or at least from other shows. A few I've communicated with and finally met in person. Some I just met at this show but as I'm very late in writing this, I've already seen and spoken to at later shows.


I don't really take my photography too serious. I think of it more as a family album. A collection of faces and costumes that will later remind my of great conversations and friendships, old, new, or future.



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