Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hoggetowne Medieval Faire - 2015

To make a great vacation adventure even greater, I decided to wrap two festivals around it. The first being the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire in Gainesville Fl.

Barely Balanced
I was really hoping my daughter would choose to go to college in Gainesville. This would have been an annual event for me. Instead I had to go many miles out of the way. So of course I had to make the best day possible out of it. Which I did.

The first act I ever saw at a Ren Fest nearly 20 years ago was Barely Balanced. A fire breathing, juggling, acrobatic act. It was great to see them and how far their show has come. It was even better that they walked right up to me to say hi. Considering the hundreds of thousands of folks they have entertained over the years it's hard to believe they remember a fan who only can catch up to them every few years.

Topsy Turvy
I have followed their career across the country online, and different faire locations in Florida and Georgia in person. Basically if they are performing at a faire, go to that faire. You wont be disappointed.

The Steele Sisters
Two new acts I've just recently been following in person, Topsy Turvy and The Steele Sisters, were also there to sweeten the pot. That was enough to convince me to change the dates and GPS setting for my trip and pay a visit.

They also remembered me. I think most people who come to these events think they are watching TV. I find everyone at these events extremely approachable. If you don't ask stupid questions and take a true interest in their art, you can have a great conversation, wonderful memories, and friends across the country.


Although the Hoggetowne faire does not have the loud bands and cannon fire I've become accustomed to, it still was too big to see all of in one day. Also a lot of the people I've come to know whether they be Performers, vendors, or patrons were there to great me.


I'm happy to take photos for these events. It's becoming more like a family album to me. For more photos from this event [click here]

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