Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Clark's Fish Camp - Jacksonville FL

Do you ever just want to go out and get a nice plate of Antelope and don't know where to go? Well I found this great place called Clark's Fish Camp on The Travel Channel and decided to check it out. 

Even though I had seen it on TV, it is way more impressive in person. A little out of the way unless you actually plan to make it a destination on your vacation - which I did. 

I know for a fact I've never seen as many big game critters all in one place. Not taxidermy-ed any way. Of course where was my camera - in the car. Another case of cell phone being the best camera I had with me.  

But I didn't come here for the very quiet and fresh smelling zoo animals. I came to add one more notch to the strange things I will eat. Octopus, Rattle Snake, Alligator, Ostrich, and kangaroo to name a few. 

Of course to my dismay and bad timing, they were fresh out of Antelope. I settled for Yak. Delicious! Then since I was there - Camel. Both had a beef like flavor, not gamey at all, but not a drop of fat. I know when cooking wild boar you need to really watch your temp and time so as not to turn it into jerky or leather. I have to hand it to the chefs. Both dishes were melt in your mouth delicate to chew but with a strong, yet not at overpowering flavor. They both were seasoned just enough to enhance but not disguise the flavor. 

As I often do - I like to get to a place at the crack of open. Taking photos was like shooting big game in Africa at the turn of the last century and no customers to block my view. By the time I was enjoying my coffee, several bus loads of visitors were filling the place up. 

They have plenty of pedestrian selections on the menu. My food timid friend was going for a far less adventurous meal. I convinced her to try the Buffalo.  Yes indeed - another winner. 

If you are passing through it's a must stop. If you can survive I-95 straight through Jacksonville this will be a very pleasant break at the roads end. I am still wanting that Antelope so I will be paying another visit on my next pass by. 

Yak = Yum

OK Travel Channel - I checked out one of your top tens. It's time you stopped ignoring my letters and give back by checking out my greatest fan Red Nomad Oz. She will give you a tour of Australia worth writing home about. Or filming and airing like you do.

(Sorry about the Kangaroo Red but it's Delicious)

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  1. Hahaha, roos are a dime a dozen down here - they're one of the few creatures to have thrived since colonisation!! Yak on the other hand ...

    I can hear a strange quaking sound. Wait! It's the Travel Channel executives quaking in their boots :D