Friday, February 20, 2015

Sweetwater Branch Inn - Gainesville FL

I like to travel - a lot - and most of the time a simple hotel will do. My goal is usually to sleep when I can no longer explore. Every once in a while, I like to make the resting place the destination.

Gainesville is a primarily a college town and my visit was planned around the Hoggestowne Medieval Faire. Since my traveling companion has slightly more than a passing interest in these events, I decided a quaint B&B in the town she went to college would be the perfect days end destination.

Gainesville is positively brimming over with B&B's but the Sweetwater Branch Inn caught my interest. There was a larger selection of rooms across several buildings for one. Two, it was located exactly where I needed to be for a special surprise. Three, I found the perfect room at a price I could afford.


Accessing the parking lot was a bit tricky. I suffer severe parking anxiety so that is probably all me. From the moment we met the person at check in, all fear was gone. Not only is the place beautiful, the staff is extremely welcoming and the room could not have been better. We picked a crazy day with a wedding party in full swing but honestly, we never heard a sound outside the room.


On our visit, it was way too cold to sit on the patio so we had our breakfast in the formal dining room. One of the things about B&B's in my experience is you meet the most interesting people. An author heading out to a lecture, engineer who dropped his daughter off at college, and a retired couple living life to the fullest.


I often say, how did this lifestyle and these homes go out of style. A few electric lights and a little plumbing and it is the perfect way to live. Maybe one day we will all give up the fast cars, cheap construction, and the stressful lives we endure and go back to this age of a slower pace, nicer people, and finer craftsmanship.



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