Thursday, October 30, 2014

Boynton Beach Haunted Pirate Festival -2014

DSC_2447I was asked several times this past weekend if I make money selling my photos. I think I may have even had an offer to buy one. My answer is always the same.

I make plenty of money in my real life. I'm not a good enough photographer to get paid for it. I do it because I truly enjoy the events I attend and the friends I make along the way. If making friends had intrinsic value, then I would be very wealthy indeed.

I didn't post a photo of everyone I knew at the festival here in my blog but I do know every one of the people in these photos.

[click here] to see the whole collection


I've attended the Boynton Beach Haunted Pirate Festival and Mermaid Splash two years running. A show that has grown tremendously in a year. I went from opening to closing and still did not get around to talk to everyone. I really should have attended both days to catch up with everybody I know.

Last year I only knew a handful of folks truly well. Mostly the performers. Over the past year I've spoken to them at different festivals, followed their performances at different venues, concerts, plays, and even bought a book from the only author I know personally. Well as far as I know. Many of my new friends would surprise you with the amount of talent they have. All you need to do to find out about them is walk right up and talk to them.

You would be amazed with what you find behind the feathers, leathers, corsets, hats, and boots. Some of the most generous and caring people I know. They help each other. They help strangers. They perform at children s events, walk-a-thons, and charities. I was told once that an important aspect of a modern day pirate crew is to party with a purpose. That purpose is almost always helping others. 


The Boynton Beach Haunted Pirate Festival is primarily for the children. There is plenty of entertainment for all ages though. My daughter is grown and gone but she loved the many festivals we attended together over the years. For me, this event was more about the friendships I've made this year, great music, live performance, excellent food, and fine shops. All that and to spend the day with people who still know the value of happiness and smiles. 

If you have not met any of these fine folks yourself in and around South Florida, chances are good you spend way too much time in front of your TV. I'm happy to say in my experience, more and more people are getting out of the house and rediscovering live theater in the streets. An art form I have always appreciated now re-gaining some popularity.  Don't be left out. Get off the couch - experience something you will talk about for a while, and maybe make a few new friends. 



  1. What a wonderful post! Bob, you are a member of our family and we adore you. When you are not at an event (all days:) I frequently hear "Have you seen Bob? Is Bob here today?" We LOVE your pictures but we love the man behind the camera more!

  2. Thank you for that. It was not so very long ago that I thought I was done with these events as I only really went for my daughter. Then one person changed my mind about that, then another and another. Before I knew it I realized I had happened upon a wonderful world of exciting people and I was actually part of the show. See you soon.