Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stuart Airshow - 2014



This was my second visit to the Stuart Airshow. Just me and the other 50,000 fans reported to have converged on this two day event. The crowd was noticeable but it takes place at the Martin County Airport on Whitam FieldThere is plenty of room for take offs, landings, and parked planes not to mention thousands of folding chairs and car parking. Even a small airport is a huge open space when you are standing dead center in the middle of it.

Besides the planes in the air, there are plenty on the ground to explore. Even tour if you are so inclined. I wondered where all the planes had come from, where they were going, what they were built for. To find out every single story would have taken much longer than the two days of this event. You hardly need to look more than remotely interested and someone will tell you the story on every plane.

One of the most fascinating aspects was that all the planes in the air during the air show were on the ground earlier in the day.

I have plenty of up close photos. After the show you can walk right up and talk to the pilots. I have been to other air shows and it has not been my experience that you can get as close to the planes and pilots as you can at the Stuart Airshow. It's that feeling of "who would get in this thing" then see the plane you wondered about hours before do maneuvers that defy imagination as well as gravity. Seeing a group of planes in perfect formation wrap around a blazing sun, smoke trailing. To be deafened by a jet plane that stopped in mid air in front of you and not really notice the noise. These are the things that make an airshow worth seeing. Then to realize what these planes were used for and to be surrounded by the men and woman that made them, flew them, and serviced them for their intended purpose. That's what makes a trip to the Stuart Airshow an experience worth having.


I noticed a lot of folks only come for the show in the sky. I enjoyed my day getting there at opening, seeing the inside of a plane or two, touring the world war I and WWII exhibits, and watching the weapons demonstration and the mock battle. I like to do everything before I say I've been to an event.


These are some of the favorite photos. For the rest [click here].




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