Monday, November 17, 2014

Day of the Dead - Fort Lauderdale FL - 2014

DSC_3554The Day of the Dead celebration in Fort Lauderdale is the story of a dream come to life. Which is sort of amusing as the theme is overwhelmingly death.

In five short years it has grown from a handful of artists with a vision to do something notable to a mob scene of people that I was swept up into and carried along the streets of Fort Lauderdale.

Honestly I could not give this event the full attention it deserved. I wanted to participate in all the events and the huge street party after the parade. Sadly I only had time for the parade. I had a lot of friends participating. Unfortunately I did not recognize many of them till I got home and started sorting my photos. I am used to seeing many of them made up but the costuming and energy were at running full throttle.

Normally I'm pretty easy to find but there were nearly as many photographers as there were people in the parade. I will most certainly attend next year, get there earlier, stay later, and I think maybe just leave the camera at home and be part of the show.

For the rest of my photos of this event [click here]





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