Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Suntrust Sunday Jazz Brunch - Fort Lauderdale FL

Normally I enjoy the Suntrust Jazz Brunch at the main stage. A lot more sunny, a lot more people. Seldom do I venture back to the other two stages but on this visit I decided to see if there was anything happening.


Considering I could hardly navigate the paver brick walkway, I have concluded there is a lot more going on than I realized. Being more tree lined, there were less umbrellas to block the view but as far as head count there were a lot of jazz enthusiasts.


This was the first cool day (South Florida speak for under 90 degrees) in a very long time and the crowds showed that. Generally speaking though this event seems to grow year after year. And a lot of folks headed to the shops and eateries right after the shows.


I left just ahead of the masses and found a nice, quiet table way down on Las Olas. The last one actually. Right after that every place seemed full. Fort Lauderdale - Doing it right the first Sunday of every month for over 20 years.

For more photos [click here]

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