Monday, October 20, 2014

Road to Victory - Military Museum - Stuart FL

P1000509I don't want any excuses about this place being hard to find. You know. Like the ones I was making before I found it. Nor that it's probably not worth seeing. If that's your attitude then drop and give me 20.

The Road to Victory Military Museum is not just a collection but a passion. We were fortunate to meet the owners on our visit.

They are located just past the legs of the Stuart water tower and there is plenty of parking right outside the door.

I will admit the collection is housed in a small building but that will hopefully change. They have a collection of restored military vehicles currently being kept in private garages. A few very well used ones are on display outside the museum. But moving takes money. Something this museum could use more of. But that takes visitors and sponsors.

I was never in World War I or II or actually in the military at all but I do appreciate the ones who served and not just on the 4th of July. I have visited war museums around the country but this one has a unique feature.


They let me hold a gun. I mean they literally took an M1 off the wall and handed it to me. And a paratrooper machine gun and a mortar round and a rifle launched grenade.  But wait..... a Thompson Machine Gun. These are the very weapons my uncles carried into battle in Europe and the Pacific. I even got to try on a tank helmet. I believe that allowed me to connect in some small way to my family members who fought these wars. You can't just grab a weapon off the displays but it was quite unexpected to be able to handle anything at all.


I went expecting a very quick visit. I spent two hours and got an amazing and personal history lesson.

If you want to see the mechanized portion of this museum, it will be on display at the Stuart Air Show - See you there.


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