Friday, October 24, 2014

Doing the Tourist Thing in Fort Lauderdale


Every once in a great while I like taking in the sights of the town I live in (part time now) and do a little tourist thing. Today's adventure, the Duck Boat Tour at Beach Place.


Beach place is a destination all it's own and since I spent about 7 hours, you could say I certainly made a day of it. I think the sun tan lotion isle at the local drug store pretty much tells the story here. Lots of skin baking in the beach sand right across the street. I was not there for my usual umbrella and beach towel day so I started off with lunch at Lu Lu's Bait Shack.


The Duck Boat is a little pricey but our tour guide very likely was a professional stand up comedian. Even though I've been here since 1978, and think I know everything, there is always more to learn. The tour starts on the streets but then suddenly takes a detour off a boat ramp and right into mansion row.


If the houses of the rich and famous don't appeal to you, then some of the locals may. This group was only to happy to show off the latest boating fashions. There are boats of every size from jet skis to mega yachts (or "Jots" as our guide said in his native Miami accent). The duck boat sails pretty slow since it's dragging a whole set of wheels underneath but it's nice to take it easy in traffic in South Florida once in a while.


Back on land there is still plenty to do. Especially if what you like to do is eat and drink or just enjoy perfect weather along the Fort Lauderdale Beach


Turning around to face east, one of the many cruise boats heading out to sea gave me an idea for my next local adventure. Now is this Oasis of the Seas or Allure of the Seas. I guess I'll just have to take a closer look when I book a cruise.


For more photos of this adventure [click here]

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