Monday, June 30, 2014

Mini Con - 2014

I thought this year I would try to better my photography at comic book conventions. Interesting people, lots of color, challenging lighting and backgrounds. I have been to Super Con in years past. This year I thought I would go the whole route of South Florida conventions.

First stop - Mini Con - $5.00 entry fee. Free Parking.

DSC_9241   DSC_9223

As the name implies, this is a small convention but a great way to get initiated. The venue was close to my house which was appealing. I was not sure exactly what I was going to shoot. It was much easier to meet people and have a conversation which is the real reason most people attend these events.

DSC_9016   DSC_8861

It didn't take long to realize I already knew a good number of people from my time at the Florida Ren Fest. Nice to know the creative and talented people I have been interacting with for years have other talents and interests I knew nothing about.


And it never hurts to make a few new friends like Freya and Rick (above). One thing I did come away with was a photography lesson late in the day. I made a lot of mistakes with these photos. Let's see if I progress as I work my way through the remaining conventions.

For more photos from the event [click here]

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