Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vital Flight - Boca Raton - 2014

This was an event and rare opportunity I was very privileged to attend. Through my very good friends, the South Florida Pirates I was allowed to bring along my camera and capture a special day for children in need.


The Vital Flight group is an all volunteer organization dedicated to providing medical or humanitarian services where ever they are needed. This event was about flying the children on a short excursion to get them used to the planes in preparation for when this service is needed.

DSC_7833 I was not able to stay long enough to take a flight of my own but it was great to see the kids and their families out for the day.

The highlight for most, including me was interacting with the South Florida Pirates. They live for these types of events and bring a lot of joy to these kids.

For more photos  [click here]


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