Thursday, June 5, 2014

Florida Renaissance Festival - 2014

I took a little break from blogging so I could do a little living and concentrate on taking photos. My first stop - 6 weekends at the Florida Renaissance Festival. This is my hometown fair and has grown from an occasional visit over the last fifteen years to an obsession of sorts.


But It's more than that. It's where I've made a good many friends. Not just at the various shows they preform in but out in the real world as well. It was suggested a while back I step out from behind my camera and get to know some people. Thanks to that little push and 800,000 hits on my Flickr page, I have gotten way out of my comfort zone and have become a part of the show. I don't get paid for my photos but over the course of the season, several of the participants used my photos for their promotions and Facebook pages. With all the amazing photographers who attend this event, I am always in awe when someone chooses one of mine as their face to the world.

For more information on this, my favorite South Florida event [click here]

If you would like to see my photos from the full six week run of the show [click here]


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