Friday, February 7, 2014

Treasure Coast Pirate Fest - 2014 - Fort Pierce FL

The Treasure Coast Pirate Fest has a new port to call home with a great view and a lot more elbow room. The waterfront in Fort Pierce was the perfect location for this growing event. Free parking and a "Buck an Ear" entrance fee made for a very inexpensive outing with the family.

Many of my favorite pirates were there to liven things up with cannon demonstrations, history lessons, pirate costume contest for the little ones, and pirate ship photo ops.

This was also a great introduction to Fort Pierce. A town I have somehow ignored all these years. Parking was free but difficult to come by as there was an art show on the same weekend. I had to take a mini tour of the downtown before winding my way back. This is a town that needs another visit soon when it's not quite so busy.

There were bands playing all day but my favorite by far was The Craic. Drums, pipes, fiddles, served up in a high energy show.

I took plenty of photos so [click here] to check them out.


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