Monday, June 16, 2014

Giving My Photos a New Life

This is a proud day indeed. I've been taking photos a long time and simply posting them on Flickr for people to enjoy. In the past year or so I've been getting ever increasing hits and making a lot of new friends. Up until today my greatest achievement was that several of my good friends have used my photos in their Facebook profiles. It's been a great honor to see people I know personally, use my photos as their face to the world.

Recently I was in St. Augustine and took a few photos of a place I've loved since I was a kid but never really captured properly.



I spent several days and made it a point to visit every place I had been before, always wanted to visit, and never knew existed. I captured as much as possible and shared it to the world.

I don't advertise my work. I'm not a professional photographer by any means. Just a guy with a camera. Some how, some way, and totally unexpectedly I was contacted and asked for permission to use a few of my photos. I had seen some prints around town and thought how great it would be to visit again one day and see a tiny photo of mine hanging up in the back of a bar or something.

Well, today I got photos of the installation.

I call this blog Moving Pictures because I post the photos that make a difference in my life, bring a tear to my eye, make me unreasonable happy, or just plain move me in an emotional way. Thank you Anie Perez of Public Imagery in Tampa. You did all that and more.

If you missed my St Augustine photos [click here] and [click here]

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