Tuesday, October 1, 2013

St George Inn - St Augustine. FL


I don't get up to St Augustine very often. The last time was about nine years ago with my daughter. Even though I stayed very close to Old Town, the accommodations I chose at the time were lacking in everything but price. I decided to do much better for this trip.

I started off pricing B&B's. That did not last long. As much as I wanted to be right in the action and enjoy that personal touch, I just could not fit that option into my budget. Local hotels that were priced better were too far from where I wanted to be. The Bayfront Hilton was just about right but already booked, a little too pricey, and in the end just a hotel.

The only accommodation that fit everything I was looking for was the St George Inn and with one room left I had a very short time to contemplate. I took the chance and booked it.

One thing that concerned me was there is no parking at the hotel. You are required to drop your bags at the front door and head over to a nearby garage. Normally that would be a deal breaker for me but I took the chance.

When I arrived after a non stop 5 hour drive, two lovely people were at my trunk before I was even out of the car and whisked my luggage inside and apparently all the way to the room. They even knew my name and acted as if they expected me. The walk back from the garage was short, I received the tour, the keys, walked to the end of the property and was instantly engulfed in Old Town. Elapsed time - 15 minutes. The hotel is one of the attractions I think. Our stay was three days and I enjoyed every moment. I even got to chat with the owner on the last day and he helped with the bags as I reluctantly prepared to leave.

My experience in St Augustine was memorable but this hotel made it something special as well. If I get the chance to return, there is no question as to where I will be staying.

To see a few more photos of the St George Inn [click here]

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