Thursday, October 10, 2013

Children with Special Needs Family Resource Fair - 2013 Signature Grand, Davie

South Florida Pirate Sirens

South Florida Pirates

South Florida Pirates

I never plan to take photos that emotionally impact me. Usually I am moved in some way by what I am experiencing and if I'm lucky, I have a photo that reminds me of it.

Recently I was invited to photograph an event my good friends at the South Florida Pirates were participating in. I had just taken my new camera out of the box and I live about five minutes away so how could I say no. In the year that I have been a camp follower of the South Florida Pirates, I have enjoyed some very special moments. The few events I missed I have regretted. Even so I was not sure what was in store for me.

This was a more solemn and reserved event than I'm used to where families with special needs children can interact with vendors who provide special needs services. I have several photos from the event so please [click here] if you are interested.

I attended to simply capture my pirate friends at the annual event that is most meaningful to them. I have often wondered what it is that drives these very dedicated individuals to donate so much of their free time. As waves of visitors came within sight of our group, I witnessed over and over the children's eyes light up followed almost instantly by their parent's wide eyes and flashing smiles. The pirates and mermaids are only too happy to pose for photos, hand out toys and coins, tell stories, entertain and create smiles. There was no shortage of beaming little faces.

My photos may not seem all that moving to one casually passing by my blog but I saw the magic my friends brought to the children and their parents and they will be some of the most memorable photos now for me. 


  1. Wow, this is phenomenal. I'm touched looking at the few photos you shared here and am eager to view the rest of your photos. Unfortunately time if of the essence, I'll have to come back to indulge in your magnificent work... both of the heart and with the camera.


  2. This was one of the many things I've had no interest in doing until I did them then can't stop thinking about. It was a really special day.