Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Zipline at Florida Eco Safari

Zip Line at Florida Eco Safari

How do you combat a serious case of Acrophobia (fear of heights)? I chose to go zip lining.

The towers in this photo are not a series of tree houses. They are the launch and landing zones for the zip line run at Florida Eco Safari. This was not my first zip line tour but my heart was pounding just taking this initial photo. What is unique to this run is the double zip cable. It's a little less intimidating to not find a pole or tree trunk directly in the path of your high speed run. It does not, however,  lessen the thrill of flying over the treetops. My fear and excitement levels were pretty much neck and neck for the entire tour. Once I was done and safely on the ground, I was ready to do the whole zip again.

Florida Eco Safari has a few more surprises like the only zip line roller coaster and the Canopy Cycle Ride. If you are in the Orlando area and in need of a full day of high wire therapy, I highly recommend a visit to Forever Florida.

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