Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stone Mountain, GA

Confederate Memorial - Stone Mountain, GA

I have visited Stone Mountain, GA several times. Every time I am awed by this immense blob of granite dominating the landscape. To give a sense of scale, I read that workers carving the Confederate Memorial would stand inside the horses mouth to escape sudden rain showers. This is one of those sights that no photograph can do justice. Whether you were rooting for the North or South, you will get chills when you realize the scale of this carving first hand.

Things sure have changed in the nearly 30 years since my initial visit. The first thing I noticed on my last trip was that a theme park has popped up.  Not exactly what I was looking for but it did have excellent food and a glass blowing exhibit. I was more interested in taking my daughter on a hike up the back side of the mountain as I had done many times. So many people have taken those same paths over the decades, they have actually worn slight groves in the mountain. She was more interested in taking the tram so we did that instead. We both agreed that the laser show was well worth spending the day waiting for.

I have great memories of this place interwoven with my parents, various friends, and now my daughter. I still get a slight chill when I look at this carving and remember staring up at it, marveling at the size and effort it took to produce. I'll be back again one day and next time it will be to hike.

Confederate Memorial - Stone Mountain, GA

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