Thursday, June 16, 2016

See Rock City - My Third Trip.

I don't often tread the same ground in my travels. I like to see new things more often than not. That said, I had a very strong desire to See Rock City one more time.  I was nearing the end of a six week travel trip and I can honestly say, this was not on the way. More like 900 miles out of the way. Due to flooding on my intended route home from Texas I decided to drive a slightly more northern route. Then I very unexpectedly shot straight into the mountains. I arrived very late near Chattanooga TN.


I would like to mention for those who may have forgotten - I'm from Florida. All our roads are straight and level and the entire state is lit like New Year's Eve in Times Square. About 9:00 PM in the pitch black mountains, in the rain, was pretty much my limit on thrill rides. I found myself taking hairpin turns and drastic elevation changes. I was pretty far from where I wanted to be but a hotel presented itself in the mist so I went for it.


The next morning I woke up in the most beautiful place, mountains all around, a light mist, and no plan for the day. Did I mention I lost phone connection for the last 50 miles of my trip. I can not even remember the last time that happened and I've owned a cell phone since they came out. I use that phone to make every major decision these days and without it I can even drive from point A to B.


With a little wifi at the breakfast bar, I discovered I was pretty near Rock City. I was last there in 1978 when I took my parents then later in 1990 or so. I have very strong memories of the place. Happy times. In my mind I had a vivid image. I decided that was to be my destination - a walk in the park and down memory lane.


When I arrived I found parking for hundreds of cars and mine was the only one. It seemed I was there an hour before they opened. I had no idea, just thought it was a slow day, but since I was carrying a couple of professional cameras, they sold me a ticket a little ahead of schedule and let me in. I had the entire park to myself.


Memories are a funny thing. I know Rock City has expanded a bit since the 90's but not that much. It's all rock. As huge as it was in my mind, it was vast in person. I do not remember the suspension bridge but in my youth I had a horrible fear of heights. I thought of that as I bounced across and even stopped in the middle to shoot photos, then walked back across as if it were a sidewalk.


Life moves so fast and changes so much. My parents can no longer make the journey let alone enjoy this amazing place. But I remember walking these paths with them. Re-walking these paths I remember more of my previous visits. This was but one stop of many but for Mom and Dad I brought back plenty of photos. It will be fun to compare them to the old photos albums.

[click here] for a few more photos or better yet, visit and make your own life long memories.

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