Tuesday, June 14, 2016

McKinney Falls State Park - Who Turned off the Water?

I think these photos very nicely sum up my four week trip to Texas. Water and flooding everywhere I went except for the one place I really wanted it. McKinney Falls State Park. Well - more like the time. It absolutely poured rain and hail stones the very next day. But I was 100 miles up the road.


I met a very nice park ranger who let me know there was some tremendous flooding not too long before and most of the park was closed. There was a large welcome center nearby that was still closed  because of the water damage she said. Nearby as in these lovely dry rocks would have been 25 feet below the water line.


This mere trickle is nothing compared to the photos I had seen of the falls so imagine my disappointment. To photograph a roaring torrent of water would have a dream come true. That's not to say I didn't have a good time. The ranger let me know there was a fairly strenuous hike along the water if I was up for it. Not a problem.


Above is rock gouged out by fast moving water. The photo below is facing the other way. It's hard to get a sense of scale but there is a giant tree wedged into the branches of another giant tree at about the height I am standing. That would have taken a lot of water indeed.


A little farther downstream there are tons upon tons of river rocks for miles. The power of nature is a wonderous thing. Even though I did not see a great falls, I still managed to get some great photos of rocks. And pebbles. Lots of pebbles.


[click here] for more photos and if you have any with water - please share. Just so I can see what I missed.

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  1. Great photos, even without active water. Always interesting to see what water can do, over time.