Sunday, June 12, 2016

Passing through Waco

Like the many cattle drives before me, I only had enough time to pass through Waco TX. I had only done enough research to visit the Texas Ranger Museum and get in a few photos of the  Waco Suspension Bridge.


I was not expecting to see an entire cattle drive cast in bronze. There are quite a few of these statues all gathered around the bridge.


From 1870 to 1889 according to the sign I found, this was a toll bridge for pedestrians, wagons, and cattle. I'm pretty familiar with cattle and I can not even imagine how one would entice a single longhorn let alone a whole herd to cross this bridge. Looking down to the water through the gaps in the very modern woodwork I can't imagine how I crossed it either.


Trying to compare the modern police car to the horse riding Texas Ranger also sets my mind reeling. At the Texas Ranger Museum they show an entire history of the rangers right up till today. Yes - they are still in business. This museum is huge just like the history of these crime fighters.


Although I could not spend much time, the time I did spend was well spent. [click here] to view the rest of my photos but visit Waco to get a sense of the history.

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