Friday, June 10, 2016

Inner Space Caverns - Too Convenient not to Stop.

I've been to caverns all across the country. Some were Mammoth, some just a crack in the earth with a big wooden door, and many in between those extremes. This one was just too close to the highway to pass by so I stopped in to check it out.

Inner Space Caverns is one of those in between sort but still had some very interesting features and formations. I was fortunate enough to have a small group and a very enthusiastic tour guide. There is a pretty good walk involved but he had a full set of stories - both to the end and back. More than I could remember. He even told me there was more to tell and he likes to mix them up. A lot going on in "Texas' Newest Cave"


Timing is everything and when we arrived there were bus loads of children touring that day. They managed to squeeze our little group of 8 right in at lunch time. Very lucky and most of the noise was enjoying a sandwich while we enjoyed the pristine silence with the occasional drip of water from the ceiling.


I did not do too badly with my handheld point and shoot camera on these photos but I noticed on the website they have a Photo Tour option. In all the caverns I've visited, I've always wished there was a tour that I could take more impressive photos or at least use a tripod. They also have a wild cave tour. Pretty full service touring.


If you don't care for caves, you can always hunt for gems. Inner Space Caverns is so close to the highway, that the highway accidentally drilled into it while it was being constructed. For the full story on that you need to take the tour.


I took a lot of photos underground and as you can well image most were a bit blurry but for the rest of the good ones [click here]

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