Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Stuart Air Show - 2015


I should rename this post to "I Flew in a Huey"!! That's pretty much how I've started every conversation this week. Sure I managed to take some of the best air show photos I have to date but for a mere $75.00 I took and unbelievably amazing ride.


The Stuart Air Show has had my attention the last 3 years. The first time I went I was very impressed. I even took a $40.00 helicopter ride at the end of the day. The show has only grown each passing year. For my photos from the show [click here]

But let's get back to my helicopter ride this year.


The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation provided the flight. I did not get a chance to do this last year so I was first in line this year. Well 11th actually. They take ten riders at a time and I was on the second trip. You can see from the photo I took of the group ahead of us, there is not a lot between the seat and the ground in the door gunners position. Just a little old vintage seat belt.


I was using a 500 MM lens and it was sticking out of the door enough to be affected by the down wash. I guess I was more interested in getting the shot than worrying about the seeing the ground in a quick hurry.


Getting that birds eye view was a dream come true but most of my photos were from the ground. When you think air show you typically think way up in the air above your head. At this show, you can walk right up to planes and pilots on the ground that will later be performing overhead, battle re-enactments and weapons demonstrations of vintage fire power.  Not all the action is a mile in the sky Some is pretty close and very loud.


As much as I enjoy the ground show.... "I Flew in a HUEY"!!!!!!!! I had to throw a little music on the video as the rotors were loud as hell but damn - it does not get better than this.

Ok.... well maybe next year it does.....


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