Tuesday, October 6, 2015

High Tide in Stuart

Not just any high tide but the Super Moon King Tide. I know... I'm a little late with this post. I have a very busy life. I took a few minutes to document the highest tide there is likely to be on a clear day in Stuart. It was not much of a concern. I'm a firm believer in global warming. In the town I left recently, there was water spilling over the boat ramps and into the street on this day. I was there 35 years and water always rises to an annoying, street flooding point each spring and fall but this year it was just a bit bigger.


As I walked around my new town, it was pretty obvious it's going to take a whole lot more of the ice caps to melt before these city streets are swamped. It was still interesting to watch the river flow backwards. I'm sure it happens twice a day but since it rarely touched the bottom of the pedestrian walkway under the Roosevelt Bridge, it's not noticeable. On this day it sounded like a waterfall as water jammed up against the concrete.


I'm also working on my artistic shots. I've shot a lot of photos of this area but I'm finally starting to see a more interesting result. Interesting enough to print and sell??? I suppose not but that is one of the goals.



So far among my friends, the shot above is the winner by a landslide. It is the one I was going after as it can not be reproduced until the tide reaches this height in the spring. The photo below is from a while ago. Normally the grass is not covered in salt water.


I took a quick video as well so you can hear the rush of water heading up river. I really want to go back again in a few weeks at exactly high tide and see if I notice this time. I suspect that without all the sloshing noise I never would have seen a few leaves and bubbles heading upstream.

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