Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bathrooms(s) Renovation - One Month of Destruction.

I knew exactly what I was getting into with this project. Both financially and life disruption wise. It's been 30 days since I signed all the contracts and just a few days ago I finished destroying things. My entire house is covered in a thin layer of dust but I can finally see a little progress.

DSCN0149 DSCN0168
DSCN0157 DSCN0156

I had a ceiling vent fan to replace which required crawling through the attic. All 6' 4" of me. Broken drywall from old leaks. The removal of the soffit over the master shower. That one foot makes a huge difference but required moving the light, electric, and water lines. Had to call in a specialist but totally worth it. That 6' 4" thing again. Tearing the mirrors off the wall damaged the drywall quite a bit so there was a lot of patch and sanding.

I have worked on this project every day I have been here but I've also been out of town a few times. I have one shower and one toilet still working but I've had all the tile stripped from the floor. I think if I had someone living with me there would be a sizable conflict brewing.

Here's the kicker - I may still be 2-3 weeks from delivery on the units from Bath Crest. Until that work is done, the tile stays at the tile store, the cabinets sit in boxes in the garage, and the counter tops remain as a trip hazard in the bedrooms. I still have woodwork to paint but I am actually ready right now for the install.



I was most pleased to hang the lighting I bought over a year ago. Pretty much how long I've waited for all the stars to align to start this project. I may be a bit ahead on the parts I was capable of doing but I had no real clue how long it would take. I've worked in computers for the last 35 years. House renovations has always been a fun hobby but this time I have no help.


The next update may be a little while but I'm expecting great things. The rest of this project for me is just phone calls and check writing. I can take pride in the fact that I have now touched every square inch of this house in some way. This 3 year long rehab is weeks from ending. I'm looking forward to just kicking back with no to do list for a little while.

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  1. Did anyone ever tell you that renovations are NEVER finished?