Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Bathroom(s) renovation begins

I was only planning to tackle one bathroom at a time but I managed to save a bit of money doing them both at the same time. For those of you following along at home, I purchased this house three years ago this month. During that time I've done two major rehabs.

For photos of the first renovation [click here]


Kitchen by CL Kitchens, Appliances by Kenmore

These are just two sample photos. The entire house was in this condition and now only the bathrooms remain to update.

The second situation was more of a tragedy. The main water line under the house burst forcing me to rerun all the water lines through the ceiling and destroy a lot of the work I had already done.

I have started an album with the current state of the bathrooms. This will be the most expensive upgrade I've done and it took a long time to save the money. The bathrooms for the most part were functional unlike the roof, ceilings, appliances, flooring, and tons of sheet rock. To see what they look like currently, [click here]

This entire project including the original purchase of the house has been out of pocket. I started with a roof then worked only weekends and time available until after a year I could put in a kitchen and flush a toilet. It took another year of finishing touches and finally in January this year bring up a bed instead of sleeping on a camping cot. Now that I finally moved in 10 weeks it seems way past time to finish this project.


I need to run out and make the final arrangements with the cabinet company. I used CL Kitchens  for my kitchen and I am not hesitating to have them do the bathrooms. Bath Crest did a great job on my bathroom in the condo so I've invited them to my house for a much larger effort. Floors Direct will be handling the tile work.

The time frame is two months for this job so my blog will be a little sparse for a bit. As always I'm doing as much of the work as possible. Unfortunately for this project I'm taking on more of a general contractor role as I need to sub out nearly everything.

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