Tuesday, September 8, 2015

National Navy UDT-Seal Museum - Fort Pierce

Even though I recently retired, it's not like me to hang out inside and watch TV. Unless we are having a week of tropical weather of course. Just by chance I was watching a show about museums and wondering how many I would be able to visit across the country. I found one while watching that was pretty much right in my backyard. On the first clear day, I headed up the road to Fort Pierce to visit the National Navy UDT-Seal Museum.


Outside and surrounding the museum there is an amazing collection of equipment illustrating what the Navy Seals do, from attack boats, to mini subs, to space capsules. No they don't go to space (yet) but they are the ones who dove in from helicopters to secure the capsules at splash down.


Before my trip I knew the Seals as primarily a dive team and Underwater Demolition Team (UDT). I was not really aware of their many other roles.


The variety of weapons on display at the museum is mind boggling. Pretty much every combat weapon I've ever seen, more knives than I knew existed, and ship boarding equipment that is ingenious.


The museum also houses artifacts from their most publicized missions. For every mission detailed in this museum, I know there have to be thousands that will never be known but that made this world a safer place.


Just holding this one weapon for the very short time to take a photo was enough for me to know I would not last 10 minutes doing this job. I am thankful everyday for the thousands upon thousands who are willing and able to defend this country.


For the rest of my photos from this visit [click here]. Better yet, find a military museum in your own part of the world and honor those who deserve your respect with a visit.

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