Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tallahassee, FL - A Quick Tour

Way back around 15 years ago I had to make a choice. Fight for a promotion at my current place of employment or accept a job at the Tallahassee State House. I remember sitting in my office trying to decide when word came down that I was promoted. I called the State and declined the offer - Never having actually been to Tallahassee was not even a consideration.


These are the little things that make life interesting. It is no secret I had a job I onced loved only later to love not so much. I had a very love/hate relationship with South Florida as well. But money ruled the day and once the path was set I stuck to it and never looked back.



This past weekend I was fortunate to get a whirlwind quick tour of Tallahassee. My impression was a college town with a State House slap dab in the middle of it. Great food, lots of bars, very little for the adventurer in me to occupy his time. Oh - did I mention hot? Like burn your feet on the pavement hot. Like nobody walking around outside hot. I hear in the winter it is freezing rain cold. Not quite snow but not quite pick a grapefruit off the tree in December in shorts and a long sleeve shirt South Florida cold. After eating and drinking and with no concert downtown, the tour was pretty much at an end.

Over the many passing years I have on occasion wondered if I had made the right decision so long ago. Well - here's the thing.....

The person I once was would have been happy to have moved here, settled into a mundane little life, spent the rest of his days here, and lived with the broken heart that being so far from my daughter would have given me.

The person I became looks around, smiles, says sure I could do about three days here to see it all, and blows out of town to go zip lining somewhere.

Being on the path I chose I can clearly see how my life would have turned out if I made the other choice. But had I made the leap, it would have been impossible to even dream of the wonders I have experienced. I still don't even know what's coming tomorrow but I am certain it won't be a string of yesterdays.

I have a few more photos. If you have a minute [click here]

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