Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lakeridge Winery - Clermont FL

It's been a while since I have visited the Lakeridge Winery. When my sister lived in Clermont we liberated quite a few cases from the place. It is not often the stars align and I'm able to pick up a few bottles and drive straight home these days.


I should make note that I am not often a wine drinker or a drinker at all. That said, I have enjoyed many a Southern White, Southern Red, and Sunblush over the years. They tend to be a bit sweeter and go down very easy.


Better than trying the wine is visiting the winery. The tours are lively and informative. For an enhanced experience, plan a trip for one of the many festival days. I took my daughter many years ago and all she wanted to do was stomp grapes. Happens only once a year so plan accordingly.


What I enjoy the most is this is not some large corporation but a family run business based on one man's dreams. I think we pretty much all have dreams. Very few of us have a winery to show for them.

For a few more photos [click here]

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