Thursday, February 11, 2016

Universal's City Walk and Cabana Beach Resort

You may have noticed I did not mention Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure in the title. As much as I enjoy themepark thrills, that was not in the plan for this trip. Add to that a poor choice of weekends due to miserable rain, this trip did not look promising right from the start.


Let's start with the first stop, Check in at the Cabana Beach Resort. We arrived in a steady downpour, but we were still greeted as we rolled in and invited to park in valet parking.  Check-in took less than five minutes, we drove over to the parking garage, and just took a short walk with our luggage to the hotel. For us Floridians, we hardly notice a sprinkle.


 As beautiful as the pool was, that was out. We decided to check out the lunch situation. The commissary was  practically empty. Seems strange on a rainy day but later we found out that rain didn't keep anybody out of the theme parks. Just us. We had a pretty decent lunch and decide to take a little walk around the facility. On the second floor we found a bowling alley. Perfect way to kill a couple hours. We had tickets for the Blue Man Group at 8 PM so we have plenty of time.


Part of the day's plan was to catch a meal before the show. The bus ride over was 5 minutes. I have walked (practically jogged) through City Walk on my way to the parks in the past. Since we had all the time in the world and modest crowds we took our time deciding. Around 7:00 PM the parks closed and thousands upon thousands of people came pouring out. Most it seemed were ready to eat rather than run for the parking lot. Not only that, huge crowds were pouring in. Apparently Universal fans do not care about the weather.


We managed to wander around a bit in the slack time and take photos. The sky cleared around 8:00 PM and the crowds came rushing back. It's been a long time since I've been here but I had no idea how popular it's become.


For a few more photos [click here].  I enjoyed this trip very much in spite of the poor weather. I will be back soon to hit the theme parks but I'm very glad to have taken a break and seen the other site Orlando has to offer.


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