Thursday, February 18, 2016

Now Open - Disney Springs

The Disney Village in Orlando FL is no more and has been rebranded as Disney Springs. I could not imagine how they could improve on the shopping and dining experience that I've visited for decades... but then I'm not an Imagineer.


Yes you can ride the balloon. I did not on this trip but I have in the past. I will again when this project is complete. It was not all that long ago I visited when they broke ground. Now there are two massive parking garages and they are about half way through a major upgrade.


Everything is not just changed but completely re-imagined. I did not have a proper camera with me and I don't want to give away all the surprises. Best you walk into all the new buildings yourself and take it all in.


I'm all about new experiences but the Amphicar was a bit out of my price range. Apparently that's not the case for many others.  Once these cars started rolling,,floating,, there was a steady line and all of them were on the water. That's right! Your captain takes you and two friends right down to the water and around the lake. And yes - I'm saving up.


There is a lot to see already. There is a lot coming. I will be visiting from time to time trying out the new restaurants. On this trip I headed to the  Fulton Crab House. It's been there 30 years and it was my first visit for dinner. I have done the character breakfast many years ago when it was there. Just goes to show even a life long fan like me has not done everything.


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