Friday, February 5, 2016

The Orlando Eye

What a difference a day makes in Florida. The day before this it was solid rain from sprinkle to deluge. A day later all blue skies and 20 degrees warmer. Yes - only Florida folks wear jackets when it's 70.


I've ridden the London Eye on two separate occasions and now the Orlando Eye. I have a quick comparison.

They both are about the same height, The London version is a little taller, has bigger cars, a terrifying cable system to support it, and breathtaking views of London.


The Orlando Eye is beautifully engineered, looks completely safe, has interactive screens, and the view...... nothing to write blogs about. To see my other photos [click here] and judge for yourself.


With a combo ticket at I-Drive 360  it's a pretty good deal, a great "I did that" moment, a way to impress a date kind of thing. Bring binoculars if you want to see the theme parks. Would I do it again? Yes - at night carefully timed to catch the fireworks at one of the parks. If anyone has done that - let me know.


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