Monday, January 18, 2016

Yard Bunny

While I'm waiting to be inspired about my next direction in life I'm finishing projects and trying new things. One of those things I often dreamed of while staring out my office window was to be a nature photographer. I certainly have enough equipment. I have a lot of time and an open schedule. I've made a few half hearted attempts. Apparently I have more excesses then passion.

DSC_5836The other day I brought one of my cameras out to my patio with the intention of shooting the birds that are ever present. Well always when I'm trying to enjoy a morning tea or evening beer. With camera in hand it seems like they all flew the coop.

DSC_5841With nothing to shoot but tree branches I was just getting ready to go in when a rabbit came under the fence. I've seen it before but from the kitchen window. I've never gotten within 30 feet of it. Well guess what, I was about sitting 30 feet away and hoping those big ears would ignore the shutter clicks.


It just took one fast, little movement on my part, I was spotted, the ears went up, and the bunny was gone in a second. Even though I was quite literally in my own backyard, I did get a twinge of excitement. Not sure how I would feel staring down a panther in the woods but if I really want to do this I'm going to need to make a bigger commitment to it.


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