Saturday, January 23, 2016

Evergreen Cemetery - Fort Lauderdale.

DSC_5965I remember finding this cemetery way back around 1980 when I bought my motorcycle. I was practicing my shifting and taking all the back roads.  

It was decades before I found it again. I drove by over and over with a friend who always talked about doing a photoshoot there. We never did. Always going somewhere else and too busy to stop.  Never really made a plan to come back.

A long time ago I was passing by with camera in hand but didn't stop. I made a bad turn on the way to somewhere. I was running late and made a mental note to return soon. I never did.

Now that I've moved away and it's quite far to go, I decided to make a plan to stop in. I was expecting a very old cemetery well past the point of being active. I was very surprised to see the dates on the stones were far newer than I expected. I was hard pressed to find any really old markers. There was also someone being laid rest on the very day I was there.

I'm sure I'll leave little more than a handful of dust and a few photos behind. It always fascinates me those of us that choose to leave a little more. Although I did not come across anyone I knew personally at this cemetery, It did turn my thoughts to the friends and relatives that are no longer here. I don't necessarily think of them so much in my daily life but I do when I visit places such as this. Maybe from these photos, you can take a few seconds and remember those that you may know who have moved on.





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