Saturday, January 9, 2016

Palm Beach Zoo - My First Visit

Fifteen years. That's how long I've been driving by the Palm Beach Zoo. I did a quick calculation and it's been hundreds of times. This week was my first, long overdue visit. I had no idea what to expect. The zoo is pretty much in the middle of town and from the satellite image and online map I was not expecting much.


But just like the famous quote from one of my favorite TV shows - It's a lot bigger on the inside. Florida is hot so I timed my trip on the only day not raining this week - cool by Florida standards but still close to 80 degrees by mid afternoon. The creatures must have known this was a special day for me as they pretty much all struck a pose.


Not that I am skilled enough to capture everyone perfectly. Far from it and the mesh cages are not great for photography. But if I do say so myself - I got some awesome shots.


I've already had a request for a print on the Flamingo - my first request ever. Actually all my photos are free on Flickr so feel free to download and print them if you like.


I'm hoping to one day sell my work. That would sure help out with my retirement funding. I'm not quite there yet but I feel like I'm getting close. At least you will know if its good enough to be on my wall - It's a damn good shot.


One thing I was not expecting was a show. It was a thursday with what I would call low attendance. There were actually several shows during the day. I missed one which I'm sure I will go back and see one day. I also met a Raven who took a dollar from me. That was a lot more up close and personal than I expected.

I was there a full day and only walked the park twice. There were plenty of staff to interact with who were only too happy to talk about the animals. I've been to a lot of zoos but this one has much to offer if you have the time to take it slow and enjoy.

For the rest of my photos [click here]

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  1. These are some beautiful shots and that flamingo is worthy of a print request!