Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dont see this every day.... I hope

I am enjoying my new house very much. Especially the friendly looking kitty that greeted me one morning. 

Yes I know this is a Bobcat and none too friendly according to most people. I spotted him looking in my living room window and managed to shoot a cell phone pic before he bounced across the yard and glided over my six foot fence with room to spare.  

This occurred at 8:00 AM on a Tuesday I think. Don't be fooled into thinking I live in the woods. I live very much in town. I spotted this critter two days later around the same time prowling the neighbor's yard so it's not like he's lost. We have a bunny population explosion in the neighborhood so I'm pretty sure I know what he's up to. Still a little disconcerting as this window is three feet from the front door I was planning on using to exit my house.  


The little guy below was so tame I walked right up to him and took two flash photos before he scampered away. Not a great attitude with a hungry cat around.


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