Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire - 2016

I began a quest in May to visit my friends all across the country performing in various medieval faires. Well.... life. Not always the best facilitator of a well conceived plan. So I have regrouped and changed my focus to Florida Faires I have never yet attended. First stop on this re-imagined adventure - The Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire.


The last two faires I attended and the one I missed are huge. That has a certain appeal and plenty of variety. It also comes with crowds and a lack of interaction. I have other places I go for that type of activity.


I have over the last 20+ years made quite a few friends but friends that travel. There are shows I can no longer get a front row seat or spend time in conversation with the people I know and the people I will soon know.


Case in point is the Flight of the Raptor show. It has been many years since I have been in the front row with camera ready and right after been able to chat with the performers.


It has always been my goal to feel like part of the show rather than a far off spectator. At one point the falcon returned to center stage passing inches over my head. They do not make a sound by the way, just a puff of air as the pass by.

This is the reason I am choosing to pursue the smaller venues this season.  It's great to see old friends, recent friends, and make new friends. It is especially gratifying seeing old friends in new roles and marveling at the depth of their talents. 


I have several more Florida festivals planned so stay tuned. Or better yet join me.



For the rest of the photos from this festival [click here]


  1. My family and I did the Carolina Renaissance Fair close to Charlotte, NC the first weekend of November. It always has some great acts, like a group called "Barely Balanced." Its one problem though is purchasing food around lunchtime. The organizers never seem to have enough people working the food stands during the expected noon rush.
    Other than that my family and I always have a good time.

    1. Sorry, meant to write October as to the month went go.

    2. I've known Barely Balanced for 20 years. One of the first shows I ever saw and the one that hooked me to live performance.

  2. I've only been to one fair such as this. Quite enjoyable, but I will say I don't find them much in my area. I would love the flight of the raptor show.

  3. It has been a while since I've really seen this show. They did attract quite a crowd but being right on the joust field everyone got a great seat.