Thursday, March 10, 2016

Behind the Seeds tour - EPCOT

When I tell my friends I stopped counting visits to Disney years ago after I passed 150, they ask why I keep going. The answer is simple. It's physically impossible to see and do everything Disney has to offer but I am sure going to try.

Kelly Epworth - Behind the Seeds
Case in point - The Behind the Seeds tour. Unlike the Wild Africa Trek and Backstage Magic tours, this one is rather inexpensive. $20.00 to be exact. For that you get and hour long (longer if you have a great group) tour. The one ride I have been most intrigued with since it opened has been The Land. Every time I ride I want to rush home and plant something.


Our tour guide Kelly was amused I chose this tour last. She put on a lively, informative, and very energetic tour. Taking her photo was a challenge as she only paused speaking for questions. Luckily there were plenty. Choosing the week of the International Flower and Garden Festival was a completely accidental stroke of genius. I have never considered hydroponics before but after Kelly's demonstration, I want to give it a go. I wish I had known about Leaf Miner control when I had an orange grove. It was a big problem one year. There was plenty here I could relate to.


To see my complete set of photos from the tour [click here]. Taking the tour is well worth it but you must book it early. A small percentage of folks even know it's there but they have beat me to the sign up several times.


Not only was Kelly a great tour guide, she is an amazing photographer. I don't have a lot of photos of myself because I keep deleting the bad ones. I like this one enough to post online.


Another benefit of being first to the turnstile and jogging to the land, I had a private boat ride so if you have never been - enjoy The Land.


  1. I haven't been, but these photos make a convincing case to go!

  2. I could go any time but I got lucky to have some real plant enthusiasts in the group.