Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jonathan Dickinson State Park

I have only visited Jonathan Dickinson State Park once before to kayak up the river. A rivier loaded with alligators. But that's another story.

Take a close look at the first photo. I took this with my Nikon Coolpix S 3000. A tiny pocket camera I could hide in one hand and the one I thought I destroyed some years ago. There was a tiny scratch on the lens. After reading on the internet about rubbing it with a Q-Tip and a little petroleum jelly it seems to have cleared up the annoying spot on the top left corner. Now look even closer at the two odd tree tops just above the tree line near the middle.

Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Switching to my Nikon D70 with the Vivitar 500mm F/8.0 I can get a little closer while standing in the exact same spot.

DSC_5419 (2)

Here is the empty nest from the first shot. I could not even see it with the naked eye. What a great setup for shooting wildlife.... if there had been any wildlife.

DSC_5417 (2)

Wait!! Is that a Gator!! I waited quite a while for this guy to move. I started to get a little suspicious but it was not till I got home to find I had shot just another tree.

DSC_5416 (2)

As a test to see if anyone actually reads my blog - there are more interesting shots on my Flickr site from this day. Well - there is one of me shooting photos at least. [click here] to see them and maybe leave me a comment on Flickr. It always interests me who keeps looking at my photos. No one really leaves comments.

I was hoping to find a few more creatures on this trip but the heat was tremendous. I learned that a properly motivated turtle can run really fast across a hot street. I also learned that the moment you put your camera in the trunk a hawk will swoop out of the tree tops with a sizable fish in its talons. Then circle you 3 times knowing full well your camera was put away. That's right... not the first time.

DSC_5459 (2)

The other thing I learned is the view from the tower is endless. Behind me is the ocean. North and south is a lot more nature. I'll be sure to visit again when it cools a bit. Maybe I'll have more interesting photos.

Jonathan Dickinson State Park

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  1. Hahaha! I have the tree-that-looks-like-a-crocodile shot too!! But your awesome reflections shot is SO much better!