Monday, August 10, 2015

Anne Kolb Nature Center - With the Vivitar 500mm

I have found one of the problems shooting with this lens is you need a lot of space. That is a lot of  space between the camera and what you are shooting at. It will not focus closer than about 40 feet. I've never really had this problem before but it also needs a lot of distance to really stretch it out. Before you move on, look at the last photo. From the 4 story observation tower at Anne Kolb, this lens has some serious reach. Even on a very overcast day. The red circle is the distance I was shooting the buildings at. Quite a bit outside the nature center. They are not the sharpest but a bit more light and a little less wind would have made a difference.

DSC_5195 (2)

DSC_5208 (2)

DSC_5212 (2)

DSC_5218 (2)

DSC_5238 (2)

DSC_5247 (2)

DSC_5303 (2)

DSC_5315 (2)

DSC_5327 (2)


  1. You've ALMOST persuaded me to take the whole photography thing more seriously!

  2. I have been buying expensive cameras for years but now I'm finally putting in the time to learn how to use them.