Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Drive Home - for the Next Few Months Anyway

There are a few things I'll miss when I retire and move from South Florida. My drive home for the last 10 years will not be one of them.

I leave for work at 7:00 AM to avoid traffic. It works most of the time. My drive home is pretty much a challenge any time from 3:00 PM till about 7:00 PM. Much worse on Fridays when I drive nearly 80 miles north to the house I'm renovating for the big day when I'm done with all this. It usually takes  me 15 minutes in the morning - up to an hour to go home. People are a lot less civil after a day of work.

I have friends all over the country and the world who have a hard time visualizing traffic here. Even some friends who moved away a few years ago can't believe the construction and road expansions I've had to deal with for the last five years.

I actually had a pretty smooth drive home tonight. Not jammed up, cut off, police sirens, torrential rain, lightning, cars burning. To celebrate I am posting a video. Right before the curve to the west, you can just make out the wing tip of a plane landing at the airport. The plane that was just 50 feet or so over my car. Happens all the time. Really freaks out the tourists. They always look like that are about to land on the road.

I'm sure my friend Red Nomad Oz from downunder will get a kick out of it. Probably more cars than she sees in a year.


  1. Oh look - The very next day after my post......


  2. I don't know what you're complaining about - at 2:10 in your clip there are NO other cars on the road except the one in front!! And I only saw a couple of semi-trailers (or whatever you call big trucks up there). This SO wouldn't prepare you for driving in the Outback downunder :D

  3. Lol - I said this was a good day. The roads were totally shut down the next day by one of those Semi's flipping over and blocking all lanes.